Rehab Specialists

Free Women's Pelvic Health Workshop

Free Women's Pelvic Health Workshop

When: Friday, March 10th at 12 pm
Where: In-Person at Rehab Specialists
(1908 W Milham Ave, Portage, MI 49024)
RSVP: Anyone is welcome to attend, but RSVP is required by signing up through the link or calling 269-459-6212

You should attend this workshop if:

  • You experience any urinary leakage
  • You have pelvic pain
  • You experience pain with intimacy
  • You have low back pain with pregnancy
  • You have an overactive bladder

You'll learn:

  • The most common pelvic floor dysfunctions that interfere with daily life
  • How physical therapy from a pelvic health specialist can help you avoid more invasive treatments
  • Common exercises that you can do at home to improve your pelvic floor muscles

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