Dance Rehabilitation

Rehab Specialists is a specialty rehab clinic. Dance-related injuries are unique and should be seen by a physical therapist with a dance background. If you were injured while performing or had repeated inuring limiting your performance, consider seeing our dance rehab specialist.

Ankle, knee and hip sprains resulting from injuries sustained during the dance, gymnastics or any performance arts may benefit from this program.

All our therapists are manually certified and have extensive experience treating muskulo-skeletal injuries.
Rehab Specialists provides our expert treatments for national musicals, dance programs and plays.

  • Treatment Interventions
  • Orthopedic manual therapy
  • Advanced Class IV laser treatments for faster recovery.
  • Taping
  • stretching, strengthening
  • Custom 3D orthotics
  • Foot evaluations
  • Simulated dance movements
  • Return to performing arts program
  • Digital postural evaluations and corrections