Neurological Rehab

Rehab Specialists understands the clinical expertise required to treat advanced neurological conditions. Our therapists hold advanced training and certifications to address complex neurological conditions. As the area’s only clinic with certified LSVT BIG therapists and LSVT LOUD therapists (research proven methods to treat Parkinson’s), we take pride in being the experts. BIG therapy can also benefit patients whose motor function has been affected by stroke, multiple sclerosis and other neurological movement disorders.

Neurological Conditions we treat include:

  • Parkinson’s Disease/Syndrome
    • Parkinsons Disease is a progressive disorder of the central nervous system. The motor symptoms associated with it are due to the death of the dopamine generating cells in the brain. Early on in the disease the more noticeable symptoms include shaking, rigidity, slow movement, and difficulty with walking and gait. As Parkinson's disease progresses it can even cause thinking and behavioral problems with dementia occurring and depression being a common psychiatric problem.
  • Peripheral Neuropathy
    • Peripheral neuropathy is damage, or disease to nerves that affect sensation, movement, gland or function, and other aspects of health depending on the nerve that has been affected. PN can be chronic and come on slowly over time or it can be acute where the signs and symptoms come on rapidly. The types of neuropathies include motor, sensory, and autonomic. Motor neuropathy can cause balance, gait, coordination impairments, and commonly muscle weakness. Sensory neuropathies can include numbness, reduced position sense, reduced sensitivity to temperature change and pain, tingling, and burning. Autonomic neuropathy will commonly affect glands and organs with common symptoms including poor bladder control, abnormal blood pressure or heart rate.
  • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Multiple Sclerosisis a chronic demyelinating central nervous system disease that typically seen in young adults especially women. MS is often progressive and has relapsing episodes. Pathobiology of MS includes inflammatory and neurodegenerative mechanisms that affect both grey and white matter in the brain. Mobility impairment is the hallmark of MS and are likely to benefit from rehabilitation throughout the course of their illness. We will make a custom program based on your exercise tolerance, energy levels, endurance. We are very familiar and has extensive experience in treating MS patients. Foot drop and peripheral nerve palsies are one of our specialties. RS therapists will design a rehab program with focus on restoration of your normal walking, bed mobility, endurance, breathing, balance, fall prevention, pain and adaptation for your activities of daily living.

To learn more about our neuro rehab program, call or text us at (269) 459-6212