Occupational Health / FCE

Occupational Health is a medical field combining many different disciplines that is dedicated to helping people stay safe and healthy in the workplace as well as returning to work safely after an injury or medical condition.


At Rehab Specialists we offer Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Occupational Therapy to people who have suffered injuries at work and help them not only to recover from those but also teach them how to get back to work and make any necessary changes to the previous working environments to avoid any further injury. 

Our therapists are also trained to complete Pre-Employment Screens and Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) to determine what employees will be capable of doing at work and if they need any special accommodations at their workplace. 

Work Hardening is another program that is offered at Rehab Specialists. Work Hardening allows for the employee to practice their work skills in a supervised environment for multiple hours a day to help them prepare for going back to work and ensuring that there won’t be increased pain or worsening of an injury at work. It also teaches them how to do their activities in a safe, non-harmful way.

Rehab Specialists works with all Workman’s Compensation Insurance Companies.


Physical Therapy for Occupational Health

Physical therapists at Rehab Specialists will implement an active and expedited approach to managing a patient’s work injury. Specific interventions may include posture reeducation, body mechanics, lifting reeducation, simulated work education, manual therapy, exercises, stretches, modalities and a home program to maintain gains. We also work to provide the patient with the tools necessary to prevent any potential flare-ups in the future and to continue with the physical conditioning upon completion of the program. During work simulation, equipment to help simulate particular work environments is provided. Common treatments include:

  • Whiplash injuries
  • Acute strains/sprains
  • Work conditioning
  • Back to work rehabilitation
  • Simulated work training for easy return to work
  • Pre-employement screening

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

Rehab Specialists routinely perform functional capacity evaluations (FCE) and has extensive experience in evaluating work injuries and assessing the injured workers ability to return to work. Rehab Specialists FCE is an objective, evidence based published procedure that determines individual work capacity. FCE is usually done in a 2-4 hour appointment. A full comprehensive detailed report is generated which could be used to evaluate a person’s ability to return to his new or previous job.